Aer Lingus female pilots

Why are so few airline pilots female?

Why are so few airline pilots female and – just as important – why do so few apply for cadet positions? That’s what Aer Lingus wanted to know when it … Continued

Capt Tara Wright

Tara’s breaking down barriers

  Female pilots are uncommon among airlines but black female professional pilots are even rarer. Even in the US, which is ahead of most nations in the diversity of its … Continued

Opinion: Why women now hold the key to the aviation sector

There has never been a better time to build a career in the aviation industry. Airlines are growing, with more flights and more routes than ever before. Yet just 3% of commercial pilots are female and this statistic has to change

New project encourages women to take to the skies

On International Women’s Day, Elinor Evans of Pilot Career News spoke to Kanchana Gamage, pilot and founder of The Aviatrix Project, which aims to promote aviation as an exciting and accessible career choice for women