Female numbers rise as AirBaltic pilots graduate

AirBaltic graduation

Photos: AirBaltic Pilot Academy

The ratio of female pilots is growing at AirBaltic Pilot Academy, flight school of the Latvian national airline, as 13 new pilots graduated after completing a full-time airline transport pilot programme.

Pauls Calitis, AirBaltic Chief Operations Officer said, “We are proud of the most recent graduates of the Pilot Academy. In order to join the team of airBaltic very soon, some of them will start further training this month. It is a delight to see not only men, but also women, amongst the graduates, which confirms that the pilot profession and the studies at the Academy are on a continuously growing demand, regardless of gender.”

Graduates of the 15th group represent countries such as Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain. The gender division is three women and 10 men. The 16th group represents Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain, and the gender division is three women and 12 men.

airbaltic graduation

The numbers of females training as a professional pilot at AirBaltic is rising

There are 71 active students at the AirBaltic Pilot Academy at the moment. Most of them are from Baltic countries, however, there are students also from other EU countries such as Germany, France, Finland, Spain and Italy among others. Overall, more than 10% of AirBaltic Pilot Academy students are female.

This year AirBaltic Pilot Academy made changes to the payment structure for its commercial pilot study course.

Students will have to cover the costs of studies until obtaining a private pilot licence (PPL), costing approximately €15,000. After passing AirBaltic’s pilot assessment and becoming an employee of the company, the airline provides financing for the rest of the ATPL course.

AirBaltic Pilot Academy