Captain Petter Hornfeldt – YouTube’s Mentour Pilot – talks to PCN


+VIDEO Captain Petter Hornfeldt is not only a pilot flying for a major European airline but he’s also one of the founders of The Airline Pilot Club and a YouTube star as Mentour Pilot.

On his YouTube channel he tackles all sorts of questions people ask about flying an airline, from why do pilots sometimes land at the wrong airport to using thrust reversers on landing.

Petter also offers plentry of good advice to would-be airline pilots and those going through their training. So, given the current Coronavirus restrictions and the effect it’s having on airlines and training, we thought it would be a good idea to ask him what he thought.

Pilot Careers News’ Ian Seager caught up with Petter on a video phone call at his home in Spain, where like lots of people he’s in lockdown – the seventh day at the time of the call.

Watch the video and find out what Petter thinks is the future for people who have just finished their commercial flight training, or for those currently in training, about to start training or thinking about training. And see whether he’s going crackers in self-isolation.