No assessment fees: Skyborne’s Flying Start boost

Skyborne simulator

If you’re serious about a career as a professional pilot but put off by the fees charged for the selection and assessment process – money spent to find out whether you’re up to scratch, in other words – then Skyborne Airline Academy’s new ‘Flying Start’ could be the answer.

Prospective cadet pilots will be able to complete Skyborne’s online psychometric and aptitude tests, and video interview, for free, saving the usual fee of £250.

The Flying Start is available for EASA/UKCAA Integrated and Combined Modular ATPL candidates.

Lee Woodward, Chief Executive Officer, Skyborne, said, “For those passionate about aviation, our Skyborne ‘Flying Start’ initiative removes selection fees for Integrated and Modular ATPL programmes for the next two months.

“The restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 lockdown have given many of us more time at home to think about the future and consider new career opportunities. The aviation industry is incredibly resilient, offering a career with long-term prospects. At Skyborne, successful applicants can start their pilot training within six months.”

Candidates applying to Skyborne will complete the first stage of selection consisting of online psychometric, numeracy and aptitude assessments, designed to test their cognitive skills and suitability for the role of an airline pilot.

The second phase consists of video interview and additional assessment to test non-technical skills and better understand each applicant’s personality, experience and innate ability.

Skyborne EASA Integrated and Modular ATPL programmes