Take a free pilot assessment with SurePilot

SurePilot is inviting individuals to undertake an online pilot assessment free of charge. The SurePilot Online Pilot Assessment Tool provides airlines and flight training organisations with a tool that enables … Continued

ADAPT and survive the assessment tests

Symbiotics is the publisher of world-renowned ADAPT Pilot pre-selection tests used by airlines and pilot training organisations. The company is operating the Pilot Selection Zone at Pilot Careers Live in Manchester … Continued


Symbiotics launches online ADAPT tests

Online versions of Symbiotics’ aptitude and knowledge tests (ADAPT) can now be accessed directly by companies and individuals. Available tests include the pilot selection Future Aptitude Screening Tool (FAST), maths, … Continued

Preparing for your pilot interview

You’ve been through the training, you’ve submitted your applications and you’ve just landed an interview with an airline – here are Pilot Career News’ top tips to prepare for your pilot interview