Take a free pilot assessment with SurePilot


SurePilot is inviting individuals to undertake an online pilot assessment free of charge.

The SurePilot Online Pilot Assessment Tool provides airlines and flight training organisations with a tool that enables the assessment of the core competencies required of commercial pilots. It is cost-effective, reliable, dependable and easily-deployable.

In particular, the tool provides evaluation of hand-to-eye coordination (right-hand motor skills and left-hand motor skills), memory recall, reaction time, situational awareness, selective attention and multi-tasking.

A final score (the SurePilot score), a percentile ranking (equivalent to a stanine or t-score) and performance change (degree of improvement and training potential indicator) is provided.

Data collected from assessments that are completed by individuals will be used with the Project 2020 Research & Development project to assess test reliability, refine the processes used to test candidates and to help further validate the SurePilot™ Online Pilot Assessment solution.

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