FlightLogger sees pilot training at turning point


FlightLogger provides flight schools with management software. Images: FlightLogger

FlightLogger, a provider of management software for flight schools, believes commercial pilot flight training could be at a turning point following the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since last autumn, FlightLogger has posted an update on the current state of pilot training based on fresh statistics from currently 118 pilot training organizations using the digital FlightLogger platform for managing daily operations.

“We’re gathering data on both how many students are actively progressing through training programmes each month and how many flights are being registered at the training organisations,” says FlightLogger’s blog.

The latest update is based on data from February 2021.


“Activity still declining, but pilot training could be at a turning point,” continues FlightLogger.

“For the fifth consecutive month our statistics show a decline in activities when looking at the average number of active students per academy. Since September 2020 where numbers were at their highest following the first wave of Covid-19, we have witnessed a 15.4 % decline in total.

“However, when looking at the graph depicted above there are signs that the curve is flattening somewhat, with a decline of only 1.8% this month compared to the 4.2% decline experienced the previous month.

“It’s too early to conclude for sure but it could well be a sign that both the approaching spring (in the northern hemisphere where most of our pilot training organisations are located) and the vaccines are starting to have a positive effect on the general activity levels at the academies included in our data.”

FlightLogger continued,  “The total number of flights registered by our partner academies seems to confirm a flattening curve, while still representing a minor decline in February compared to the month before.” See below.


FlightLogger continued, “There’s no doubt that much still relies on the climate and the distribution of the vaccines, although the general outlook for future pilot jobs of course has a massive impact as well.

“But luckily, we are now approaching a time where both the weather and the vaccines are really starting to work with us and not against us.

“We are therefore very much in suspense to collect and analyse the data for the upcoming months. While we would expect to see some recovery, only time will show how much.

“We will probably still see some challenging months before restrictions are widely lifted and our partners can again start focusing on how to accommodate the future need of pilots that most experts still foresee.”