L3Harris launches lower-cost integrated ATPL and new modular course

L3Harris new ATPL optionsL3Harris Airline Academy is responding to the change in the world’s airline flying and pilot training brought on by the pandemic and launched two new ATPL training courses.

The first is ATPL Essential priced from £79,950. It follows the same training footprint as L3Harris’s ATPL Standard course, but cadets will not have access to the Airline Pilot Placement Pool or any provisions for additional training if required. They will also not be able to undertake the Middlesex University BSc Hons Degree in conjunction with their training.

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The second initiative is a new ATPL Modular training programme. Modular training offers future pilots the opportunity to train at their own pace and pay as they train.

ATPL Modular consists of PPL training, hours building, Theoretical Knowledge, CPL MEIR and MCC modules. The Modules are designed to be standalone training courses giving the option to take breaks. Successful completion of the MCC also qualifies pilots for L3Harris’s Airline Placement Pool.

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