Wings Alliance supports aspiring pilots

Wings Alliance, a non-profit organisation founded in 2015 by Alex Whittingham, continues to support aspiring commercial pilots by offering a more affordable modular flight training program.

The cost of training through the modular route is approximately £57,000, which is significantly lower than the £100,000 typically associated with an integrated course.

The organisation provides a free community for individuals to access support and guidance throughout their training and job search. Membership includes assistance from training advisors, a Discord chat room, and free crew room chats and webinars.

Founder Alex Whittingham stated, “Wings Alliance has been dedicated to helping aspiring commercial pilots achieve their dreams through the modular training route since our founding in 2015.”

Additionally, Wings Alliance offers an online Pilot Assessment course for members at £195, which provides a detailed report on their strengths and areas of focus during their training. Former Wings member, Dyf Gibbs, First Officer for Jet2, credits his attendance at the assessment as key in his path to the flight deck. He said, “Attending the Wings Alliance Assessment at the early stages of my training was a pivotal moment in my path to the flight deck. The day gave me a valuable insight into the airline recruitment process, the competencies they are seeing and now to display them. This gave me a real boost.”

Wings Alliance and Bristol Groundschool will exhibit at the Pilot Career Live event on Saturday, April 22nd, from 9 am-4 pm at the Sofitel, Heathrow, London. For more information, visit