Help for pilots made redundant to revalidate licences

Aviation InsiderPilots who have been made redundant can seek help to find the funding to revalidate their licences and claim back the costs, using a government appointed preferred provider such as Aviation Insider.

Gary Saul, director of Aviation Insider, explains, “Aviation Insider has been granted by the government the privilege of becoming one of the preferred providers to help pilots who have been made redundant.

“The scheme allows pilots to revalidate their airbus a320, a330, Boeing 737, 747, 787 or Embraer 195 licenve and claim back the costs in full provided certain restrictions are met.

“It is possible to use the funding to help with any airline simulator preparation or refresher training which is available on a320, a330, B737, B747. B757/767, B787 and E135/145/190.

“Over the last year, we have helped a number of pilots secure funding from the government. Former Flybe and Thomas Cook pilots who wanted to ensure they keep their licences valid were able to access funding to pay for their simulator training with us.”

Through its partners, Aviation Insider is also able to help pilots renew their licences if it has passed the yearly expiration date and help with CV, cover letter, interview and group exercise practice.

“This is an unprecedented time for the aviation industry, and we all must stay strong and work through this together,” continued Saul. “Aviation Insider will do whatever it takes to help pilots remain current. If any pilot wants to make use of the revalidation claim please get in touch.”

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