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BAA Training partners with Ukranian flight school


BAA Training Aviation Academy, a Lithuanian based ATO, has signed a training partnership agreement with Flight School Forsage, located in Kirovograd, Ukraine. According to the partnership document, both training providers will cooperate on pilot training for students from Ukraine and beyond, with both parties providing ATPL Integrated pilot training.

According to BAA, the partnership will ‘open up Ukrainian students’ opportunities to study ATPL Integrated pilot license course and work in EU.’

“This is our first contract with Ukrainian flight training provider, but we believe this to be a firm step towards a whole new pilot training philosophy implementation in the country,” commented Andrej Vankov, Ab Initio Business Development Manager at BAA Training. “Ukraine is a huge market with very deeply rooted pilot training traditions, however it’s further growth and competitiveness in the world depend on its ability to adapt to the current market needs and requirements.”

“The goal of this partnership agreement is to open up wider opportunities for students from Ukraine and beyond,” added Indre Sveistryte, Ab Initio Director at BAA Training. “We believe this can be achieved through the implementation of higher training quality standards which meets EU requirements within the country and allow it to be naturally incorporated into the training standards of other regional aviation training providers.”