BAA Training starts Virtual Reality-Based pilot training

BAA Training VRBAA Training has started using Virtual Reality-based (VR) pilot training.

From January 2022, Virtual Reality will be embedded into the company’s Airbus A320 Type Rating and MCC training and available for corporate and individual clients.

Later, it will also become part of Boeing 737NG and Boeing 737 MAX Type Rating programmes and different courses.

For ab initio students, VR will serve as an additional tool for ground school, lectures and other training.

Aivaras Lukauskis, Product Manager at BAA Training, said, “BAA Training advocates new ideas and innovative solutions that offer a completely immersive, visual and sound-based experience and aims to teach its students to tackle real-life situations in the early stages of the training.

“VR technology provides a safe and flexible environment to learn and develop necessary skills needed to react quickly and handle even the most difficult scenarios.”

BAA builds on French connection

BAA Training is also expanding its relationship with France’s Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (ENAC), the only aviation-oriented university in France.

The partners have shared responsibilities: BAA Training will deliver ground school training, VFR, MCC, JOC and Type Rating, whereas ENAC will cover the IFR training stage.

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