BAA Training chooses eight L3Harris FTDs to expand pilot training

L3Harris Flight Training DevicesEight new Flight Training Devices (FTDs) from L3 Harris Technologies have been ordered by BAA Training for training centres across Europe and Asia, building on the purchase of full flight simulators (FFS) announced earlier this year.

The eight FTDs are for a combination of A320, 737 MAX and 737 NG aircraft. All devices will be certified to European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Level 2 and provide a realistic training environment incorporating an enclosed cockpit, visual system and aircraft specific controls.

The devices will support BAA Training with upcoming EASA regulatory changes. The devices will also feature L3Harris’ latest instructor station that has been redesigned to provide an instructor centric experience, supporting effective training from the start of each session.

“The new devices will perfectly supplement the soon to be installed FFS and enhance the device mix within our centres,” said Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO of BAA Training.

“With these technologically advanced devices, BAA Training will take a significant step forward in fulfilling our mission to provide customers with the most progressive aviation training.

BAA Training
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