EASA ATPL theory 2020 Q&A

EASA 2020 ATPL theory syllabus Q&A

Your questions about the new EASA 2020 ATPL syllabus answered by aviation theory publisher Padpilot. What are the main differences between the old and the new syllabi? The Learning Objectives … Continued

Video game tech PadPilot ATPL training

Video game tech for ATPL training

Aviation publisher, Padpilot, is taking interactive airline pilot training to the next level with the introduction of ‘gamification’ – the use of video game elements – in a series of … Continued

Padpilot now offering ATPL theory iBooks

Padpilot has launched a new range of ATPL theory high-definition iBooks. According to the developers, the new iBooks offer ATPL students new interactive features, using embedded videos and animations to … Continued