Padpilot Introduces eBook Bursary for Aspiring Pilots

To celebrate World Pilots’ Day, today, 26 April, aviation publisher Padpilot has launched a Book Bursary initiative, offering five complete sets of Padpilot ATPL(A) theory books on their new eReader content platform.

The bursary aims to support five aspiring pilots in achieving commercial qualifications by providing them with three years of access to a full set of ATPL(A) interactive theory books, valued at £463.84 each.

The ATPL(A) book set comprises 17 ebooks, meticulously designed to cover the regulatory syllabus and provide student pilots with the necessary knowledge and understanding for success in ATPL exams and to prepare them for future airline careers.

Graham Cownie, CEO at Padpilot, expressed his delight at offering these bursaries, emphasising the importance of a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding for every aviator, as ATPL ground school can be quite demanding.

Padpilot’s books meet the CAA and EASA syllabus learning objectives, incorporating interactive elements, case studies, and operational examples penned by airline pilot authors. These features facilitate students in assimilating the extensive knowledge required for exams, improving memory retention, and preparing them for commercial flying training.

Previously associated with Apple devices, Padpilot was the first to create iPad manuals in 2011, with over 300,000 downloads of their interactive iBooks. Last month, the UK-based publisher unveiled its multi-device eReader, a new platform for theoretical knowledge content accessible on any device and from any country.

The new Padpilot eReader books retain the content and layout of the best-selling Apple Book editions while introducing two new features: automatic reading time recording and on-page stylus annotations.

For more information on the ATPL(A) Book Bursary, please visit