Padpilot Introduces Helicopter training books across devices

Following the success of their interactive helicopter theory iBooks introduced last year, renowned pilot training publisher, Padpilot, has now expanded accessibility for aspiring helicopter pilots.

Padpilot has released a ‘device agnostic’ version of their ATPL(H) theory books, enabling access from practically any device – be it Android, Apple, or through standard browsers. This means that student pilots can prepare for their theoretical knowledge exams across multiple devices. A single subscription permits downloads on up to three devices, allowing students to seamlessly switch between their phone, tablet, and desktop.

Reflecting on the company’s journey, Padpilot’s CEO, Graham Cownie, remarked, “A year ago, we took a pioneering step with the launch of interactive theory books designed specifically for commercial helicopter pilots. Before this, helicopter pilots often had to make do with aeroplane-adapted manuals. Today, we’re thrilled that they can access these resources from any device, eliminating the need to invest in new devices like iPads.”

For the uninitiated, Padpilot’s latest release isn’t merely a copy of their previous offerings. While the content mirrors their iBook editions, the material has been crafted meticulously. Their team of experts have curated content particularly for helicopter pilot training. Additionally, Padpilot’s in-house graphics team has developed thousands of graphics, including animations, 3D models, and illustrations that depict helicopters and their intricate components in detail. The 16 books offered are entirely in sync with the latest EASA syllabus.

For those interested, the complete set covers topics from Advanced Instrumentation to Radio Navigation. They come bundled with an array of features such as a 3-year subscription, interactive 3D models, case studies, quizzes at the end of each chapter, and much more.

Helicopter training providers haven’t been left out either. Padpilot provides tailored packages replete with teaching aids, learning management systems, and technical support. Furthermore, for ease of instruction, they offer classroom presentations for all ATPL(H) subjects, ensuring lessons are both current and comprehensive. And with the eReader content mirroring the iBook versions, training providers can transition effortlessly without overhauling their lesson plans or presentations.

To get started, individuals can download the free Padpilot eReader app from the App Store or Google Play. Further details on purchasing and downloading can be found at

Training institutions wishing to explore these resources can request a demo via Padpilot’s official website.