More support offered to Tayside students

Ground school students at Pathway Pilot Training.

In the wake of the recent collapse of Tayside Aviation, Pathway Pilot Training, an ATPL ground school near Edinburgh Airport in Scotland, has stepped up to offer its support to the stranded students.

The training company, which provides distance learning and full-time ATPL theory, is offering reduced fees for either course to former Tayside students with the assurance that any ground training already completed with Tayside will be credited and a personalised new study plan will be designed to ensure continuity of learning.

Norman Beasant, Head of Training and Director at Pathway Pilot Training, stated that the sudden collapse of Tayside Aviation was a traumatic and financial shock to its staff and students, and the way the situation was handled by the new owner left a lot of questions to be addressed. He added that it is good to see that there has been immediate and universal offers of help and support from the industry to those directly affected.

Operations Manager at Padpilot, Katharine Westwood, added that they are pleased to be able to help Tayside students and would like to reassure them that their access to PadpilotACE can continue seamlessly at no charge and their existing training records will be transferred to the team at Pathway Pilot Training.

Pathway Pilot Training is also working with its flight school partner, ACS Flight Training, to ensure that the complete pilot training that students were expecting to undertake at Tayside can still be delivered in the same local area. Together, ACS and Pathway are the largest commercial pilot school in Scotland, delivering a high-quality, good value ATPL training package.

Affected students can contact Pathway Pilot Training at [email protected] and Padpilot at [email protected] for more information.