PadPilot launches new content platform

Aviation publisher, Padpilot, has launched a new subscription-based content platform for theoretical knowledge training, available on any device.

The new platform, called ‘eReader’, offers Padpilot’s popular ATPL-A and PPL-A theory books, giving student pilots access to the same content, along with additional new features such as built-in reading time recording and the ability to write on pages with a stylus, across Apple and Android and browsers.

The ATPL-H series for helicopter pilot training will also be available via the Padpilot eReader this summer. Previously, the company published exclusively on Apple devices.

CEO, Graham Cownie, explained, “For years we’ve been asked for an Android version, but we needed to find a way to give users the same high-quality, interactive experience while studying. And then when Apple withdrew its support for the iBook Author platform, we knew it was time to create our own delivery system.”

Padpilot’s existing theory books for PPL-A, CBIR, ATPL-A, and ATPL-H will continue to be available on Apple Books for as long as the iBook platform exists. However, the new eReader offers another option for users, and allows Padpilot to manage its own delivery platform.

Padpilot has been synonymous with Apple devices since launching the first electronic textbooks for iPad in 2011. Today, downloads of its interactive theory Apple Books (iBooks) have reached 300,000 and are used by 140 pilot training organizations worldwide. With the launch of the eReader, the company is now expanding its reach to a wider audience, including those who prefer Android devices.

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