Cockpit4u selects CISEFA for crew training management


Training organisation, Cockpit4u Aviation Service, has announced a partnership with CISEFA, for the delivery of a new Training Management System for course scheduling, compliance and resource management.

CISEFA, an IT company which works with the airline training industry, says the training management solution assists organisations in need of integrated services for the management of a training lifecycle.

“We are convinced that our training organisation made a good decision by choosing CISEFA. Their powerful tools for training management, e-documentation and record management already cover almost 100 percent of our requirements and prepares us for all future regulatory and training standards.” says Dennis Pilz, Directing Manager of Cockpit4u.

CISEFA has worked for international airlines (Hawaiian Airlines, Air Caraibes Atlantique), business jet operators (GlobalJet) as well as ones with hybrid models (ASL Airlines France). Now it supplies and supports a solutions for various companies – from charter airlines to non-aviation companies.

“We are happy to welcome the Approved Training Organisation Cockpit4u as our new Partner”, says the CVO of CISEFA, Xavier Bernard. “And we are aware of the high demands Cockpit4u requires through our system.” Compared with an airline, Cockpit4u trains nearly 400 pilots at a fleet size of 70 aircrafts annually.