CATS TV launched by ground school specialists CATS Aviation


CATS Aviation has launched a video-linked ground school: CATS TV.

CATS TV offers students an effective virtual training platform through which they can continue their studies from home, whilst complying with the UK government’s social-distancing policy.

Students are now exempt from mandatory classroom attendance. The UK CAA has approved CATS to deliver all high-quality in-house and distance learning brush-up classroom teaching online, via live video-streaming for the foreseeable future.

Dr Stuart E. Smith, Head of Training & Managing Director of CATS Aviation, said, “It is encouraging to see how well the students have taken to this change in their training.

“The students are extremely happy that their aviation studies have not been hindered and are continuing to strive for their personal best. The system benefits all of our partner schools and satellites and students and is something that actually had been planned for years.

“The instructors and students have taken it in their stride and have adapted extremely well to this new method of teaching.”

Students are able to keep to their study timetable and interact with their instructors in the same way as before. Instructors can continually monitor each student’s progress, helping them along their way to complete their course.

CATS Aviation