Tecnam delivers 200th P2006T Twin to Polish flight school

Bartolini Air, a flight training organisation in Poland, has taken delivery of the 200th Tecnam P2006T Twin. The aircraft will join two other P2006Ts, and seven Tecnam single-engine aircraft at Bartolini’s base on Lodz Lublinek Airport (EPLL).

Over the past ten years since it was launched, Tecnam’s P2006T Twin has established itself as one of the best choices for flight schools, as well as a number of other operators.
Bartlomiej Walas, managing director of Bartolini Air, flew the new aircraft directly from Tecnam’s Capua production facility to Lodz Airport.

He said, “For the many prospective commercial aircraft pilots we are training, our clients and customers, Bartolini Air is ‘where the story begins’ for them. A story that wouldn’t be possible for us all without Tecnam. I still vividly remember the first time a saw a picture of the P2006T on the cover of an aviation magazine. It was just a drawing with a short description inside of it. I said to myself, this is exactly what we need to take the Bartolini Air training offering into the 21st century.”

Bartolini Tecnam

Tecnam’s Paolo Pascale, left, hands over the key to the 200th P2006T Twin to Bartlomiej Walas of Bartolini Air.

Paolo Pascale, CEO Tecnam said, “Key to the success of the P2006T Twin has been our commitment to offer our customers unbeatable value, coupled with low operating and ownership costs, innovative design and Italian styling.

“The Rotax ‘912S3’ engine in particular enables the Tecnam P2006T to lead with respect to the environment too. With both a remarkable fuel saving offering and much lower noise emissions, it has redefined both the flight training and aircraft ownership experience in one step.”

Tecnam P2006T Twin
Bartolini Air

Tecnam P2006T cockpit

Instrument panel of the latest Tecnam P2006T, fully loaded with a Garmin glass cockpit.