Top 5 tips to become a pilot

Flying across the world at the controls of some of the most sophisticated aircraft in existence, is, for many, a dream job. But the road to a pilot career is not an easy one, with many hurdles to be overcome. Here are some top tips to get you started

Why attend Pilot Careers Live?

Why should you attend a Pilot Careers Live event? Find out from the pilots who all took their first step towards the career with us…

New project encourages women to take to the skies

On International Women’s Day, Elinor Evans of Pilot Career News spoke to Kanchana Gamage, pilot and founder of The Aviatrix Project, which aims to promote aviation as an exciting and accessible career choice for women

Cadet Profile: George Graulich

The next pilot cadet in our new series of profiles, aimed at showing the wide variety of people who train to become pilots, is George Grauclich, who’s nearing the end of his Integrated Flight Deck Programme at FTA, having completed his CPL IR in 15 months