AirHub’s incredible offer for zero-to-ATPL training

Airhub LithuaniaIntegrated ATPL course + type rating + 200 hours + job for €69,000… that’s what AirHub, an EASA approved ATO based in Vilnius, Lithuania, has just announced.

The new zero to flight deck ATPL training programme is withAirHub’s partner airline, GetJet.

AirHub has been training pilots for GetJet for some years, but has recently widened its offering to include ab initio integrated ATPLs.

To mark this change, the company is offering the first course of twelve cadets a 24-month course that will take cadets from zero to frozen ATPL, plus an A320 or B737 type rating and 200 hours of line training with GetJet.

The launch cost is €69,000 (accommodation not included) and payment is broken down into four tranches spread over the first twelve months of the course.

AirHub’s Aleksandras Nemunaitis told Pilot Career News, “Studies show we are going to face a post-pandemic pilot shortage in the aviation industry, mostly because of the early retirements.

“Once pilots exit the workforce they often do not return. It doesn‘t mean it is booming right now, but in a year or two it will.

“It‘s a good time for individuals who are planning a career in aviation to begin training. Our Cadet programme not only delivers high quality training, but a guaranteed job with GetJet.”