Sign-up for EFA’s pilot training and receive 20K euro bonus

EFA Cirrus

European Flight Academy (EFA), the flight school of the Lufthansa Group, is hiring pilot students – and if you start training by the end of 2018, you’ll be eligible for a €20,000 (euro) bonus.

EFA trains the next-generation of pilots for the entire Lufthansa Group. The flight school offers both ATPL and MPL courses which will qualify pilots to fly for a Lufthansa Group Airline and others.

Not only is EFA offering the sign-up bonus, a “golden handshake” if you like. The cost of the courses is highly competitive at €60,000 for the ATPL, and €80,000 for the MPL.

“To ensure that all candidates have the same financial possibilities, the Lufthansa Group offers interested trainees a deferment plan for the duration of the training up until employment in the cockpit of a Lufthansa Group airline,” said a spokesperson.

“In this case, the fees are then deducted from your wages upon employment.”

To benefit from the sign-on bonus, you have to start your pilot training in 2018. That means the training contract is signed before December 31, 2018, and you pass the two selection tests before.

Those are the two options for the bonus:

  1. Sign-on bonus is transferred within four weeks after onset of training to an account in the EU
  2. Cost of training is reduced by €20,000.

EFA is staging an Info Event at London Heathrow on 4 September 2018, where the flight school will provide detailed information about the training programmes, including answers to questions such as:

  • What qualifications do I need to bring to become a pilot?
  • What are my opportunities?
  • What’s the working day like at the Lufthansa Group airlines?

To participate in the event, please register online: