Ryanair to use CEFA’s flight replay animation

CEFA RYanair

CEFA’s 3D animations replay a flight using data from the flight recorders. Here, it’s shown on a tablet computer


Ryanair is to use CEFA Aviation’s Flight Animation System to provide constructive feedback to air crews. It’s the first airline in Europe to adopt the innovative software for debriefing and training.

French company CEFA Aviation has developed 3D animation which recreates flights with high detail and accuracy based on data from aircraft flight recorders. The flights are then rerun on flight simulators so crews can see exactly what happened during the flight.

The deal with Ryanair was signed in Brussels this week at the EASA Safety in Aviation Forum for Europe conference.

CEFA Ryanair

CEFA boss and inventor Dominique Mineo, left, with Ryanair’s Ray Conway


Ray Conway, Director of Flight Standards & Chief Pilot at Ryanair, said, “This six-year agreement with CEFA Aviation marks the beginning of the next chapter in Ryanair pilot training.

“CEFA Aviation’s flight replay will set new standards for delivering constructive feedback to our crews in a way that would have been impossible to imagine without the innovative approach to secure data processing that has been delivered by CEFA Aviation’s team.

“Over the next 12 months we will monitor pilot performance based on an agreed set of KPIs to ensure that our pilots not only deliver to the highest standards of safety and efficiency in the industry but set new standards of excellence for the years ahead.”

  • Japan’s largest airline, ANA, has been using CEFA AMS with its 3,000 pilots since February 2017.

CEFA Aviation