Ryanair stats show APS MCC boosts assessment chances

APS MCC Wings Alliance

The APS MCC course includes time in a simulator based on the kind of airliner you’ll be flying. Photo: Wings Alliance

Ryanair has released some figures showing how taking the right Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course can transform your chances of passing one of its cadet pilot assessments.

At the lower end of the scale, taking a basic MCC course gives you less than a 50% chance of passing, while taking an Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation (APS MCC) course gives a much higher probability.

Angelo Currao, Pilot Recruitment Manager at Ryanair Group, said, “I’d like to give you an update on our latest assessment stats.

“We feel that it is important for you to know that the training you choose to complete will be crucial to your final success. The below are actual stats from the Cadet assessments we have been running since January 2021.

“Here are the latest Ryanair Cadet assessment pass rates broken down by MCC type:

Candidates who held an MCC: 48%
Candidates who held an MCC/JOC: 61%
Candidates who completed a Whitetail APS MCC: 70%
Candidates who completed a Mentored APS MCC: 97.5%

“As you can see from the above stats, not all training programmes will give you a chance of passing the final assessments. The same applies to whitetail APS MCCs.

“In addition to that, the MCC pass rate is very alarming and should really be an eye opener.”

Ryanair aps mcc

File shot from 2019 when the APS MCC was introduced. Ryanair’s Angelo Currao is third from left. Photo: Ryanair

Currao goes on to explain the benefits of taking the APS MCC course.

“The APS MCC is an efficient and effective course that is the tailor-made link between the initial pilot training and the challenging operation in a commercial cockpit.

“The Airline Pilot Standard MCC will develop all the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to help you fit easily into an airline career.

“If you want to greatly increase your chances of succeeding, you should really consider in investing a bit more in a Mentored APS MCC to give yourself the best chance of passing the final sim assessment.”


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