RAF focuses on development of sustainable trainer

Two brand new experimental aircraft will be created by the Royal Air Force in their latest step toward sustainable aviation.

Project Monet, a joint initiative between the Rapid Capabilities Office and industry partners including Babcock, Uplift360, CFS Aero, Zero Petrolium and Delta Cosworth, aims to utilise technologies to minimise the environmental impact of light aircraft training.

Currently, the RAF’s pilot training pipeline begins on the Grob Prefect T1, a turboprop-powered aircraft on which Elementary Flying Training is taught. Project Monet is a two-year partnership between Babcock and industry partners will work with Swift Aircraft to explore new technologies.

The range of sustainable technologies being looked at include all-electric propulsion, synthetic fuel internal combustion engines, hydrogen cell and hybrid powerplants.

The RAF’s current goal is to be net-zero by 2040