ProPilot announces new Competency Based Instrument Rating TK course

Flight_Planning_miniProPilot has announced it will be offering a theoretical knowledge course for the new EASA CB-IR in the early autumn.

The new CB-IR TK course will be offered in addition to ProPilot’s existing full time and distance learning theoretical knowledge (TK) courses for ATPL and CPL licences and will use the new CB-IR course material published by Padpilot.

Padpilot have initially released 5 of the 7 CB-IR iBooks; Air Law, Instrumentation, Flight Planning, Meteorology & Radio Navigation, with the final two to be released shortly. These books are fully compliant with EASA learning objectives and will form the basis of the new ProPilot theory course.

Further course information available soon. To register interest in the CB-IR TK course please contact [email protected]