Nottingham uni acquires versatile Alsim flight sim

The University of Nottingham has bought an Alsim AL250 flight simulator for SEP/MEP PPL, CPL and IR/ME training needs. In addition to the simulator, the University also selected Alsim’s Engineering Pack for research projects.

Dr Harald Pfifer, a professor in the faculty of engineering at the university, said, “We picked Alsim because it not only offered a great flight simulator, but also an engineering kit that allows our students to ‘look under the hood.’

“Alsim’s unique Engineering Pack enables us to use the simulator to demonstrate the principles of flight, and further develop our work in research projects and advanced labs.

“The simulator will be used to teach flight mechanics and flight controls. By using the Engineering Pack, we can change the aerodynamic derivatives of an aircraft’s configuration and demonstrate in a hands-on way, how this affects the dynamics.

“In addition, the students can design their own autopilot and implement it through the Engineering Pack on the simulator. In advanced integrated group projects, students can develop their own aircraft, generate an aerodynamic model for it and fly test it on the simulator.”

The Institute for Aerospace Technology (IAT) at the University of Nottingham is a major centre for aerospace research. The IAT is home to a team of 400 researchers who deliver world-class multi-disciplinary research which drives the development of leading, cutting-edge technology that aims to improve all aspects of air transport.

The team works with global aviation leaders including Rolls-Royce, GE Aviation, Airbus, Boeing, BAE Systems, Bombardier and GKN, as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Alsim ALX flight simulator

Alsim’s ALX simulator will train MEP and medium jet pilots at Billund Air Center. (Top) AL250 flight sim.

Alsim successes

Nottingham isn’t the only success Alsim has had recently. FTA at Brighton City Airport recently upgraded its AL250 sim for training on the Diamond DA-42 light twin.

The improvements will enhance the experience for students and instructors, creating simulated flights which are as close as you can get to the real thing. The main components of the upgrade include: new graphics, new high definition projectors, Garmin 1000 firmware update, a new instructor station, new software and a host of additional upgrades.

Danish ATO, Billund Air Center, has also recently invested in an Alsim ALX simulator for MEP and Medium Jet training. Billund already had an AL100 sim.

Jakob Bjerre Jorgensen, Billund Air Center FSTD Manager, said, “Our Alsim AL100 has flown close to 11,000 hours total and we have had 350+ students through our facility on the simulator. The maintenance downtime compared to the number of hours in service has been very little – less than 2% per year on average over the past 16 years, which says a lot about Alsim and the AL100’s operational stability.”