First ALSIM P100i simulators purchased by Paragon

Paragon is adding new Piper P100i trainers to its fleet. Photo: Mandolyn McAbee

US-based Paragon Flight Training will be the launch customer for ALSIM’s first Piper P100i simulators, after announcing the purchase of two examples.

Based in Fort Myers, Florida, Paragon will use the simulators to compliment flying training on Piper’s P100i. The Piper Pilot 100i was introduced in 2019 as a specialist training version of the Piper PA-28, now in production for over 60 years. It has a PA-28-181 airframe with a third observer seat and a 180hp Lycoming fuel injected engine. It also comes standard with the Garmin G3X touch avionics suite, complete with a G5 standby display, GFC 500 autopilot, and Electronic Stability Protection.

In a press release, ALSIM described their AL100i simulator as an, “exact replica of the P100i, the successful trainer aircraft manufactured by Piper. The simulator will be designed to FTD 5 standard, offering a full-size cockpit replica, a semi-enclosed instructor station, an active electrical control loading, and a specific flight model based on aircraft flight characteristics. The AL100i will feature the immersive 3 projectors visual system for an unequaled 210×55° field of view. On top of this, the simulator will be equipped with the original G3X and GNX375 manufactured by Garmin, ensuring the same level of performance, features, and reliability as the aircraft, a world first for these avionics.”

Chris Schoensee, President of Paragon Flight Training, explains his choice: “Paragon Flight Training is thrilled to be among the first flight schools in the world to utilize the new ALSIM P100i flight training device. The Piper P100i aircraft is positioned to be the dominant aircraft moving forward – and with our standardized fleet of P100i aircraft, it’s important we offer the highest caliber of flight training devices to complement our aircraft. Since we first took delivery of the aircraft two years ago, this device was the missing link that will allow Paragon’s students to partake in one of the most efficient and cost-effective student-centered learning experiences possible.”

Paragon Flight Training trains commercial, professional, and recreational pilots as well as offering military pilot training for domestic and foreign governments.