New Tecnam P2008JCs to replace Stapleford’s C152 fleet

unnamedStapleford Flight Centre is to replace its fleet of Cessna 152, two-seater training aircraft with brand new Tecnam P2008JCs, which according to the trainer, are cost effective, quiet and environmentally friendly. The first new aeroplane arrives at Stapleford Aerodrome in Essex at the beginning of November.

Colin Dobney, Head of Training, welcomed arrival of the new aircraft. “We looked at many different options and we have opted for the Tecnam P2008JC. We have ordered the first one and have options for four more aircraft after we evaluate performance in our school environment. Renewing the whole C152 fleet is not an overnight task.”

The Tecnam 2008JC has a cruising speed of 116kt and is a single engine, high-wing, two-seater training aircraft built in Italy. It has a carbon-fibre fuselage, metal wings and stabilator. It is powered by a Rotax 912 piston engine, powering a two blade propeller. There is a fixed tricycle undercarriage.

Stapleford has opted for full electronic flight display screens, with night capability providing conventional standby instruments.

In further news from the trainer, Stapleford has also acquired a brand new ALX Alsim medium jet simulator. This is first in the UK, and one of only five in Europe. It has just been installed at the Essex-based airfield and it will be used for MCC (Multi-Crew Co-operation) courses and JOC (Jet Orientation Courses) as well as a combined course for tomorrow’s airline pilots.

Introducing the new simulator, Head of Training, Colin Dobney, said, “This new simulator enables Stapleford to offer enhanced MCC courses in a flight model which, although generic, has many features of the Airbus A320. We will also launch a combined MCC and JOC course as well as standalone JOC courses.

“It is a big investment for Stapleford so we are keen to utilise the ALX on all aspects of training. In addition to light and medium jet models with EFIS (Electronic Flight Instruments Systems), it has the benefit of conventional instrument mode for SEP (single engine piston) and MEP (multi engine piston) training, enabling us to replicate the Warriors, an Arrows or and Senecas in our fleet.”

The new ALX joins two other Alsim training simulators already in operation at Stapleford. An earlier AL200 has now been traded in to make way for the latest version, which features a wrap-round screen with standard graphics covering all major airports. This is to be upgraded to a High Definition package by the end of the year.

Once the new simulator is up and running for professional training, Stapleford will be offering members of the general public and aviation enthusiasts the opportunity to experience flying a medium sized jet by simulator.