Kura Aviation launches Mike Langley Foundation

Kura Aviation has announced the launch of The Mike Langley Foundation.

Following on from a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force, Mike Langley has played a pivotal role in ab-initio training in the UK over the last 25 years working with self-funded pilots, airlines, universities and regulatory bodies from across the globe. Mike is also a founder member of Kura and head of its Advisory Board.

Recognising Mike’s significant contribution to aviation, The Mike Langley Foundation is a charitable trust which will seek to widen access to the profession, through funding initiatives and scholarship; creating opportunities for those who demonstrate real passion to become a commercial airline pilot.

The Mike Langley Foundation will be formally launched by Captain Ian Baston, flybe, at a fund raising event on the evening of Tuesday 29 November. The fundraising platform will take the form of a Charity Auction; the proceeds of which will be announced on the evening.