Cadet profile: Marc Nicholls

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The next pilot cadet in our new series of profiles, aimed at showing the wide variety of people who train to become pilots, is Marc Nicholls, who’s just achieved his ATPL and completed the BESTPILOT course at Kura Aviation

How long have you wanted to become a pilot and why?

I have wanted to fly for as long as I can remember. My dad was a pilot and back then you could sit on the jump seat, so I was exposed to the lifestyle from an early age and was immediately hooked. As well as the adventure of flying I also found the professional aspect very appealing; I don’t think there’s another career which offers the same level of responsibility, challenge and reward all at once. Being a pilot presents the opportunity to travel to new places, working with different teams of people in an environment which is constantly changing, whilst using some of the most advanced technology in the world; why wouldn’t you want to become a pilot?!

What type of training are you undertaking and towards which licence?

Modular ATPL

What stage of pilot training are you currently in?

I have completed flight training including the BESTPILOT™ programme with Kura Aviation and I am currently awaiting interview.

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve faced so far?

Getting back into the classroom for the ATPLs and completing flight training whilst maintaining another job.

What’s been your favourite part of training so far?

Far too many to mention! No pilot will ever forget their first solo. Of the specific training sections, the IR would probably be my favourite, for me that was the point where the training stepped up a gear from aircraft handling to actual technical flying and interpretation using all systems on board.

What’s the next step for you once you have your licence?

Getting a job with an airline!

Your three words to describe a flying career?

Exciting, challenging, professional

What words of advice would you pass on to any aspiring pilot hoping to follow the same route as you?

Start saving straight away! Do your research regarding your chosen flight school and go and visit them. Ask lots of questions, everyone in this career has gone through the same process, as long as you are enthusiastic and motivated you will find people are happy to help or give advice.