CATS Aviation launches first Integrated ATPL course


The CATS Aviation group has announced the UK opening of its Airline Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) integrated course.

This represents a surprise addition to the modular training routes that the Luton-based group has championed in the past, although the team explained that they will still fly the flag for modular and hope to be able to offer this same course in a modular version whilst maintaining airline links. Matt Harvey, Director for Business Development at CATS said, “We have always wanted to be able to offer a student the course that suits their needs rather than shoe-horn them into an existing programme or send them to a competitor who may not provide the quality or future job prospects we would expect. This new offering means we can help students with very varying life situations find the path that will best suit them and at a quality and cost that will surprise the rest of the industry.”

Students will need to pass a rigorous selection process that will allow them to be placed with one of the course’s associated airlines, which include easyJet. Upon completion of the ground-school phase, the students will be transferred to GAir’s university style campus in central Portugal where they will complete the flight training, the multi-crew co-operation course (MCC) and the jet orientation course (JOC). Both stages will include lots of airline-orientated soft skills as well as a specialised program of student monitoring to insure the student is able to reach their full potential during all phases of training. Once the course is completed, the student will be offered to the airline partners and will be given the option to join any of the partners that have expressed an interest.

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