BAA Training expands to two flight training bases in Spain

Castellon Airport

BAA Training’s new base is at Castellon Airport, Spain


Lithuanian company BAA Training is expanding its ab initio flight school facilities in Spain.

BAA Training currently has more than 310 students at its ab initio school. Last year, the academy opened its first flight base at Lleida-Alguaire International Airport in Spain for year-round flight training.

Now, it needs to expand its facilities following a new partnership with Turkish Airlines, in addition to existing cadet training programmes for Wizz Air, Avion Express, SmartLynx. Hnece the new flight base at Castellón Airport.

“The talks about pilot shortage are far gone being just talks,” said Egle Vaitkeviciute, CEO at BAA Training.

“Cooperating with major airlines on the market and sharing experience, we evidence the growing need not only for pilots but for training capacity as well.

“Adding one more flight base in south not only allows us to deliver year-round training to our current students, but to expand our capabilities to meet the growing market needs for pilot training.”

Alsim AL250

Alsim’s AL250 flight simulator


BAA Training has also opted for a new Alsim AL250 flight simulator. The AL250 is a generic and compact simulator for single and multi engine piston (SEP/MEP reconfigurable) PPL, CPL & IR training.