Aviomar and Lauda Europe Forge Airbus A320 Simulator Training Partnership

Aviomar Flight Academy has joined with Lauda Europe, a notable member of the Ryanair Group, to provide Airbus A320 simulator training. The training programme is set to utilise Aviomar’s Level D Full Flight Simulator for the Airbus A320, housed at their advanced Simulator Training Centre located in Rome.

Certified under EASA regulations, this simulator aligns with Lauda’s fleet and Aviomar’s state-of-the-art facilities will be accessible to Lauda’s pilots. This includes modern briefing and mock-up rooms, round-the-clock training, and maintenance support – all quintessential for superior simulator training.

The partnership comes at a pivotal moment as air travel has seen a surge over the past year. This upswing has precipitated a growing demand for A320 Type Rating training. Both Aviomar and Lauda Europe view this as an opportunity to strengthen their collaboration, united in their ambition to train a greater number of pilots.

Aviomar Flight Academy is already well-known for its industry-leading Ryanair Mentored Programme, which nurtures the next generation of pilots.