Quadrant updates Aviomar’s Full Flight Simulator

Quadrant Systems Aviomar FFSQuadrant Systems, working with RSi Visuals, has completed the visual upgrade of Aviomar’s Citation Full Flight Simulator with Quadrant NUQLEUS, an interface unit capable of integrating new products with legacy host computer systems.

The Quadrant NUQLEUS system reduces the level of interference required to integrate new technology with existing computer and hardware architectures using proven and robust software designs.

The visual upgrade featured RSi’s Epic D41-N1 Visual System with a Viper CRT replacement display system.

Prior to being delivered to site, the Quadrant NUQLEUS unit and User Control Panel were configured with the relevant pre-developed & tested software modules for the visual integration task. Using these proven software designs Quadrant was able to complete the system integration while mitigating the risks normally associated with traditional integration tasks.

“Our Citation FFS is now EASA certified following a complex, yet perfect, visual upgrade job by RSi Visuals and Quadrant Systems,” said Captain Michele Marano, General manager, Aviomar.

Quadrant Systems