New MPS flight sim for Italy’s Aviomar

MPS sim Aviomar Italy

Netherlands-based MPS has installed a Centaur FNPT-II/MCC simulator at Aviomar Flight Academy in Rome, Italy.

The simulator has been certified by the Italian CAA and will be used by Aviomar for APS and MCC training.

“Aviomar has chosen MPS for its high quality devices,” said Aviomar’s general manager, Captain Michele Marano.

“With the new MPS device, Aviomar will provide industry-leading APS MCC training in our new training centre and will ensure continued provisioning of airline-ready cadets to the industry.”

Aviomar Flight Academy was founded in 1982 by Captain Riccardo Marano. The academy hasa fleet of 18 aircraft, three simulators, and 42 instructors.

As part of its recent investment plan, the academy has opened a brand new simulator training centre north of Rome which features three full-flight simulator bays and a fixed base MPS simulator. Aviomar has provided ab-initio training to over 500 pilots and is training provider of choice to 12 European operators.