Airline pilot volunteers needed for sim experiments

Coventry University is looking for current airline pilots to volunteer for a series of experiments in a commercial jet simulator researching prevention of Loss of Control In Flight.

Loss of Control In Flight (LOC-I) has been the primary fatal accident category for all sectors of aviation and all types of aircraft around the world for the past 55 years. Although accident rates for commercial jets have decreased over this period LOC-I continues to dominate the statistics.

So why are these LOC-I events are occurring and how can we prevent them from happening in the future? To answer these questions and many more, Coventry University is undertaking a collaborative programme of research into the prevention of LOC-I and recovery from LOC-I for commercial jets using a combination of accident/incident reviews, human centred design and simulated flight trials.

Coventry is seeking current commercial pilots of all experience levels, who are willing to volunteer some of their time in the interests of improving flight safety within the commercial aviation community.

Trials will be conducted using a state of the art commercial jet simulator at Coventry’s Human in The Loop Laboratory (CHILL) and will require about two hours of your time.

All participants will receive a full pre-flight brief before flying a selection of scenarios in the safe, controlled fixed-base engineering flight simulator environment. The first round of trials is expected to start in May and continue through to the end of June 2019.

Contact Mike Bromfield, Assistant Professor/Flight Safety Researcher, Future Transport & Cities Research Institute, tel: +44 2477 658841, email: [email protected]