Spanish authority approves FTEJerez to conduct MPL training for UK-based airlines


FTEJerez has announced that, after a lengthy process, the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority (AESA) has granted approval for the delivery of Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL) training by FTEJerez to two UK based airlines, BA CityFlyer and Flybe.

A release from the ATO explains that it is the first time that an approval for MPL airline pilot training has been issued within the framework of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), whereby the training is conducted under the supervision of a European Community member state different to that one where the partner airline is operating. Line training after licence issue will be conducted under the authority of the UK CAA. This is also the first MPL approval issued by AESA.

In terms of the approval, FTEJerez will conduct Phases 1-3 of the BACF and Flybe MPL training at its campus in Jerez de la Frontera with the final phase, comprehensive of the type rating, being done in the UK under supervision of the Spanish Civil Aviation Authority. The operational line training after MPL licence issue will be supervised the UK CAA.

In 2009, FTEJerez was the first Flight Training Organisation to receive UK CAA approval to conduct MPL training, at the time for Flybe. Since then the academy has trained numerous MPL cadet pilot groups for both Flybe and BA Cityflyer.

The MPL is a training and licensing protocol for the development of ab initio pilot students directly into airline First Officers within an airline specific environment. It employs competency-based training methods and introduces trainee pilots to the multi-crew environment at an early stage of their training. The MPL also puts more emphasis on simulation-based training in order to better prepare them for what they will encounter in the airline operational environment, increases safety awareness, etc.

FTEJerez CEO, Oscar Sordo, said, “The conduct of MPL training in one European member state for an airline based in another member state has been a problematic situation for years. This milestone AESA approval now enables FTE to cater for the ever-growing demand for well-trained competency based MPL pilots by our partner airlines. It also follows on the removal earlier this year of the EASA restriction for MPL licence holders to change operators. I am confident that those who will graduate under this MPL programme approval will validate FTE’s contribution to their training by successfully transitioning to their roles as First Officers with BACF and Flybe.”