Simtech installs new B737-800 simulator

Simtech MPS B737 FTD

Dublin-based Simtech Aviation has installed a new MPS 737-800 FTD-1 simulator.

The MPS FTD-1 is a full replica flight deck of the Boeing 737-800. Under EASA regulations, all but 16 hours of type rating credits can be trained on the MPS FTD-1.

Standard features include:

  • Full flight deck replica
  • Flight management system (simulated FMS) and full autopilot, flight director and autothrottle
  • All aircraft systems (hydraulics, pneumatics, electrics etc)
  • Accurate aerodynamic flight model
  • Worldwide FMS navigation database including all update cycles.

Simtech, located beside Dublin Airport, will be adding a new Airline Pilot Standards (APS) course to  its existing MCC/JOC course, in addition to its current range of courses available to trainee pilots.

Simtech will also be using the FTD for its simulator assessment preparation courses.

Simtech Aviation