Simloc A320 sim certified for Global Training Aviation in Madrid

Simloc sim

Simloc’s new A320 FNPT II simulator. Top: the pilot’s view in the sim

Global Training Aviation (GTA) has just had its newest MCC jet simulator certified by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) at GTA’s Madrid base.

The simulator is a Simloc FBS (Fixed Base Simulator) type A320. It includes a replica cockpit and a Direct View visual system with a FOV 210º H x 45º V, which has a parallax of less than 10º to allow quality training for MCC.

Its software, based on flight tests, together with the force control system of the control sidesticks (Control Loading System – CLS) allows its flight behaviour to be faithful to that of the real airplane.

“The certification of this simulator is a new milestone for Simloc,” said Carlos Pérez, CEO of the company.

“This device will strengthen the GTA training offer, focused on future pilots seeking MCC or Jet training, with the best quality standards and with the best simulation tool of this type available on the market.”

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