L3 to provide bespoke training for RAF pilots

L3 RAF pilot training

L3 Commercial Aviation has been selected by the Royal Air Force (RAF) to support the training of future RAF multi-engine pilots in a three-year contract.

L3 will provide a bespoke training course for approximately 100 trainee pilots.

Trainees will undertake a course similar to a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) with Instrument Rating (IR) as well as the Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) course to supplement the RAF’s own training.

“This agreement showcases our ability to offer tailored, cost-effective solutions to meet existing and new customers’ bespoke training requirements. We look forward to working with the RAF for many years and welcoming their pilots to our U.K. training facilities,” said Robin Glover-Faure, President of Commercial Training Solutions, which is part of L3 Commercial Aviation.

Group Captain David Catlow, from the RAF Directorate of Flying Training, added, “This agreement with L3 will help us to deliver more world-class pilots to our operational front line in the timescales we require.”

The trainee pilots will start with Officer Training and Elementary Flying Training with the RAF, then carry out the tailored course on multi-engine aircraft before progressing to the MCC course using L3’s flight simulators. The first class of students will begin training with L3 in August 2018.

L3 Commercial Aviation