Have you got what it takes to become a pilot?

airline pilot

It’s all very well thinking, “I want to be an airline pilot” but have you got what it takes to succeed in the training and the role?

AirlinePrep helps to prepare candidates for assessment and selection for airline pilot roles, both new people yet to start training and pilots further along in their career.

Their courses cover every aspect of how to prepare: competency-based interviews, group exercises, numerical, verbal and technical reasoning as well as CVs and covering letters. Many of their candidates go on to fly for major airlines.

But as a first step, just to see if you’re anywhere close – or if you need to sharpen up – AirlinePrep, working flight school FTA Global, has come up with a quiz to help you identify whether you have the maths and logic skills required to embark on your pilot training and later your airline interviews.

The quiz serves as an excellent introduction in to the type of skills and mental maths you will require whilst in command of an aircraft – and you can take it right now. No, you won’t be identified..

Click here to complete the quiz