Video: FTA Global announces ‘Fair Fees’ in 2023

Brighton City-based FTA Global will offer students more frequent and smaller payments as they progress through their training from 2023.

FTA cites high initial payments amongst some other schools as the impetus for their new ‘Fair Fees’ policy, which includes three key stages which will be effective from 2023. The first is a 14-day cooling-off period, giving students the right to change their mind and receive a full deposit refund. The second is a blanket £2,500 deposit across all of FTA’s courses. Third, the requested payments will be aligned with both the phase of training and cost of the course a student is enrolled on.

FTA offers the following example based on its Integrated ATPL course:

Course Deposit (non-refundable after cooling-off)

1 @ payment of £2,500

ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training (9 months)

9 @ payments of £2,500 per month

VFR Single-engine Flight Training (Foundation Phase)

4 @ payments of £4,000 per month

IFR Single/Multi-Engine Flight Training (Intermediate & Advanced Phases)

8 @ payments of £5,000 per month

APS MCC and UPRT Training (once the IR skills test has been passed)

1 @ final payment of £8,500

Total cost: £89,500

FTA says the Fair Fees policy applies to modular as well as integrated courses. FTA calculates that the average student might save £3,000 on interest payments as a result of the Fair Fees policy, compared to their previous payment structure. Earlier in the year FTA announced the arrival of Anthony Petteford as Strategic Advisor, as well as an overall drive for strategic capital investment.

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Updated 2 February 2023