Global Aviation buys its own private airport in Greece

Global Aviation GreeceThe trouble with airports is that they can sometimes get very busy so if you’re running a successful flight school, what’s the answer? In the case of Greece’s Global Aviation, it’s to buy your own private airport.

The new airport, known as GAIA (Global Aviation Ikaros Airport), is located just north of Athens.

The airport is currenetly being renovated and is expected to be operational by the end of 2021. GAIA will be used exclusively for Global Aviation’s training needs as a satellite airport training base, and fully equipped and staffed.

Global Aviation was founded in 1997 by a group who dreamt of an integrated aviation organisation that would offer aviation training, maintenance, and aircraft sales services.

These days, Global Aviation operates a fleet of 16 single and multi-engine training aircraft and three flight simulators, including a brand new A320 FNPT II, suitable for the APS MCC.

Konstantinos Chryssanthopoulos of Global Aviation said, “It is obvious that these past two years have been challenging for the aviation industry.

“However the pandemic also forced us to adapt to a new reality, creating momentum for growth by implementing our investment plan, adding new aircraft to our fleet, growing our team of instructors and completing the single most important investment to date – purchasing a private airfield dedicated to our flight training needs.”

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