Egnatia moves to Competency Based Training as it celebrates 15 years

Egnatia Aviation GreeceEgnatia Aviation in Greece is celebrating its 15th year as a flight training school with the full implementation of Competency Based Training (CBT) to its advanced airline course.

George Triantafyllidis, Business Director at Egnatia, said, “What better way to payback the industry for its 15 consecutive years of trust than introducing the most modern, advanced and cutting-edge cadet training method to the pilot business?

“We proudly announce the full implementation of the Competency Based Training (CBT) to our advanced airline course.

“This brand new and innovative method aims for cadets to develop non technical skills and demonstrate that they possess the ICAO core competencies: communication, leadership, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, situational awareness, workload management & knowledge application.

“Through Threat & Error Management, countless case studies and practical exercises, the cadet’s soft skills are being sharpened while at the end he/she is 100% ready to meet the requirements of any modern airline.”

Egnatia Greece

Egnatia is offering its Integrated EASA ATPL course at a special price for the 15th anniversary: €67,900.

Egnatia is based at Kavala International Airport where it has a fleet of 21 Diamond aircraft including 8 DV20 Katana, 8 DA40 NG, 3 DA42 NG, 1 DA-20 and, an AERO AT-3 aircraft which is used for hour building, while 4 more Diamond aircraft are on order.

Egnatia Aviation