Egnatia Aviation benefits from Greece’s firm Covid response

Egnatia Aviation

Cadet pilots at Egnatia Aviation in Greece come from many countries. Photos: Egnatia

The quick and strong response by Greece to the Covid pandemic means that pilot training in the Mediterranean country for international cadets is steaming ahead, with Egnatia Aviation taking full advantage of the situation.

The fact that Greece has 325-plus days when the weather is good for flying helps too, and Egnatia is training 350 cadets a year at its two bases at Kavala and Kozani.

“The very good response of Greece in regards with Covid-19 [has paid off],” explained George Triantafyllidis, Business Development & Facilities Management Director at Egnatia.

“[There were] strict measures from day 1, and full compliance of the Academy to the governmental precautionary measures, plus very low numbers of confirmed cases in the country and only 7 weeks of lockdown allowed us to cap the delays and follow the promised timelines.”


It also helps that the airline contracts Egnatia has in place have continued through the pandemic. They include Wizz Air, Aegean and Iraqi Airways. Self-sponsored cadets have also remained in place, giving the company financial stability in these turbulent times.

“We are approved for both integrated and modular courses,” continued George. “97% of our active cadets are going through the advanced integrated course, including all three active cadet schemes (Wizz Air, Aegean, Iraqi Airways).”

Egnatia recently welcomed the newly-arrived cadets of batch 063. They are self-sponsored integrated cadets who began their professional training on 29 September. The students come from Europe, including Greece, Cyprus, France and the UK as well as from Middle East and Africa

A batch of Iraqi Airways and Wizz Air cadets recently came to the end of their training, successfully completing the final phase of their integrated course, the MCC/JOC.

Egnatia Aviation

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