FTEJerez launches new Flybe Mentored Scheme

Apply before 19 February 2017 is you are interested in a place on the next Flybe Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL) programme. The window for applications opened today, 6 February 2017 on this web link: www.ftejerez.com/flybe

The course with Flight Training Europe (FTEJerez) will start on 30 June 2017. Selection will follow the same format and battery of tests as in previous Flybe/FTEJerez schemes. The top eight candidates will be offered positions on the course. Throughout the training, the Flybe student’s performance will be monitored by both FTE’s training team and Flybe’s assigned liaison pilot.

Flybe Dash Q400Colin Rydon, Flybe Director of Flight Operations, said, “The Mentored scheme will provide quality pre-selected pilots to crew our Dash 8 Q400 aircraft. This course has been specifically designed to teach all of the key elements necessary for the selected candidate to successfully transition to a Flybe flight deck.”

FTE Jerez