FTA’s seamless transition to online training


Students in an online classroom with FTA instructors

Earlier this year FTA Global introduced a ground school experience with nine months of blended, instructor-led tuition underpinned with computer-based training and e-learning material.

This change to how ATPL theory is delivered meant that when the Covid-19 crisis hit, the company was able to make seamless transition to online classes. It ensured student pilots could continue their learning.

Head of Training, Phil Jones, explained. “The government directive for households to self-isolate and only venture out in essential circumstances (aside from a single sporting activity per day), meant that the school had to make quick and efficient changes to how it delivered its training.

“We felt it was really important for everyone to keep to routine where possible. To close ground school instruction for any length of time was not an acceptable option.

“We set up the necessary technology so that instructors could deliver classes from a single location and students attend remotely from the comfort and safety of their own home.”

FTA Global uses Padpilot’s e-learning resource to deliver the ATPL theory, with the benefits of accessibility and portability. The students can access the content from anywhere, by iPad.

Students on the flight line have also had continued support. Through the company’s online lesson scheduling solution, FlightLogger, instructors have continued to share lessons and content to help the students use this time to refine any areas of learning, and prepare for the next stage of their training.


FTA uses Padpilot’s iPad based training materials, supplemented with instructor-led advice


New managing director, Sean Jacob, said, “I am extremely happy to see theoretical instruction continue in this way. The team have worked furiously to ensure that the all students, including those on the flight line, have access to useful content and are kept informed whilst the school doors are closed.

“Together with our partner organisations, Jet Masterclass and AirlinePrep, we have identified and assigned projects and activities to enable students to make the very most of their time right now.

“We are already looking at how we can resume operations as normal and we continue to follow both government and agency guidelines.”

In addition, the company has used this time to improve its facilities. Students can expect to return to new and improved classrooms and recreational areas with additional briefing rooms, recently serviced and refurbished aircraft and an instructor team, ready and excited to return to usual operations.

Head of Training, Phil Jones added, “It is always frustrating when you can’t fly, especially when we’ve seen such ideal flying conditions over recent weeks. Our current priority is keeping the staff and students busy and focused, whilst we await the all clear to get back into the skies again.”

FTA Global has also acquired a second Alsim DA42 simulator, increasing capacity for advanced flight training and training refreshers as flying operations come back online.

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